Scrap Weekend!

Friday and Saturday was Scrap Weekend for me and my friends. Since July 2009, me and five other scrappy friends try to get together at least 3-4 times a year to hang out and scrap! We always have so much fun. We play games – usually scrap related, as well as offer fun goodie bags – sometimes they are bags filled with paper, other times its baskets with some really cute stuff in them. Candy is usually involve too. Everyone can come and go as they pleased. Some spend the night, some don’t. Its all cool.

This time, it was Amanda and Misty’s turn to come up with games and goodie bags. With us getting together for as long as we have been, we have managed to never repeat a game or a goodie bag idea. Thank you Pinterest! We each received this really cute picture holder (see the clothespin wheel below).  A jar with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers (hello – Smores’!), and a paint swatch, that when fanned out completely, shows off the entire colors. And last but not least, a container (with a lid). We can use it as a table trashcan, or for storage.

DSCN1489 color wheel


Games included “What’s in the bag?” – where they had 10 scrap items in plastic bags, and put inside totes. We could not put our hand inside the bag, only feel around. Its harder than you think! Especially when the item is ribbon or paper flowers!

A challenge that they chose to host was to use 2 random items that were given to us, and a magazine for inspiration. Find a layout you’d love to scraplift, or find a sketch, and then use the two items you were given. I have not done mine yet as I was given tulle and ribbon. The ribbon part is easy, the tulle – not so much. I know I kept some from my wedding 6 years ago, but I just can’t find it. But the challenge wasn’t timed and some of the girls had to leave later Friday night, so they knew that everyone might not get a chance to work on it.

I managed to get FIVE whole layouts done. That’s usually the average number of layouts I do. All but one are doggie-related. 🙂 And all five are based on sketches and/or challenges found at A Cherry On Top and Nuts About Sketches. I will be getting those layouts uploaded very soon to share!

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