Tips & Tricks: Using Chalkboard Tape

I recently received Fancy Pants’ Chalkboard Tape as a gift. It has a slick surface and its black, so I knew I would need a white (or silver) pen and/or marker. Today, I bought a silver sharpie from Wal-Mart; and a white pen and white marker from Joann’s.

To try them out, I cut a piece of chalkboard tape and placed them on a solid piece of cardstock I had in my stash of scraps. I then used each of my three pens/markers I got today and wrote out text to see what they look like, how easy they were to use, etc.


As you can see, you get different effects with each pen or marker.

The top piece was using the white pen. I bought the gel excel Reminisce pen by Marvy Uchida. It writes thin, just like a normal pen.

White Pen


The middle piece was using the white marker – Pen-Touch by Sakura. You need to shake this one (with top on) before you use it. But it glides really nice on the slick surface.

White Marker

And last, I used the silver sharpie. It gives it a bit of sheen. Sharpie also makes other metallic colors – such as gold and bronze. I haven’t tried those colors yet, but will definetly pick up those as well.

Silver Sharpie

There are other markers and pens out there, so please do not think you must only use these kinds or brands on the Chalkboard Tape. But if you are looking into buying some of this chalkboard tape, or have some but do not know which marker and/or pen to get, I hope my suggestions help you in finding JUST the right pen or marker for you next project!


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