Week 39 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good morning everyone and welcome to Adorable Furbaby Monday!

Last Thursday, a friend of mine’s black lab turned 13 years old and to celebrate, Frosty Paws for everyone!

Here is Penny, looking up at the counter, just WAITING for that Frosty Paws. I love that I captured that excitement in her eyes.


And the big girls – Ruby and Bear – enjoying their Frosty Paws


I don’t get many pictures of Lady Lou, as she doesn’t like her picture taken. So when I DO get to capture a moment with her, its a gem!


And to end the week, sweet Jeffrey wanted to hang out with Daddy!


Come back next week for another round of adorable furbabies! 🙂

One comment on “Week 39 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

  1. Oh Brandy how sweet to see your babies celebrating my big boy’s birthday with Frosty Paws! Looks like they are enjoying them just as much as mine do! Beautiful shot of Lady in the yard, and sweet Jeffrey looks so happy with his daddy! Looks like he is saying “this is my dad”. Thanks for another great Adorable Furbaby Monday!

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