Week 43 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My furbabies sure did!

Earlier in the week, I managed to get some pics of Penny in the recliner. Believe me when I say she NEVER does this! We have had her for almost a year and she doesn’t jump in the recliner. But last Monday, she did. And she looks happy and content with her decision, too.


This next one cracks me up. This what I woke up to Tuesday morning:


This is Ruby saying “FEED ME MOMMY!”. LOL!

The doggies get so excited when they see the mail man, and if they are lucky, they get to see him TWICE! Once on our side, then he goes further down and turns around a couple of minutes later to get to the other houses. Here is Bear watching, and waiting (patiently)


And as the mail man is at the house across the street, here comes Penny Lane:


Thanks for stopping by and come back next week when I’ll have MORE adorable furbaby pics! 🙂

3 comments on “Week 43 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

  1. LOL they are so cute Brandy! I love the look on Penny’s face! It’s like yeah, so I’m on the recliner… lol. Oh and I know Ruby’s “feed me” face very well. Anyone with a lab does lol! And so cute how they watch for the mailman! Thanks for another great adorable furbaby monday!!

  2. I love those pics !! I see that “feed me” face quite often myself, especially if I sleep in a bit! Penny looks pretty happy in the recliner, you may see her there more often now that she has figured it out! LOL so cute they pups wait and watch for the mailman! Ha Do they bark at him/her??

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