Week 50 in Review: Adorable Furbabies – Happy Howlidays Edition!

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. My hubby and I spent most of Saturday doing our Christmas shopping, which I’m happy to say we’re about 90% done. Yesterday, I addressed/stamped Christmas Cards and made cookie dough and peppermint bark.

When I’m not doing the above things, I’m getting the decorations put up. And with that said, the doggies are helping. I found a “Ho Ho Ho” Santa hat and some doggie antlers that my mother had bought several years ago.

The Santa hat is a bit big, so I only put it on Bear and Ruby, who were pretty good troopers about the whole thing.



The doggie antlers are another story. They are too big for Jeffrey and my BFF’s doggies, so only the big girls and Lady got to try them on. Only ONE wasn’t happy about them.





That’s Ruby’s “No, no pictures please” look! And I’m very surprised to see how well Lady and Penny did, since this was the first time I’ve put antlers on them.

Until next week, Happy Howlidays!

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