Week 12 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good morning all. Hope everyone had a great weekend. My pups have been inside for most of the week with rain and cool temps. My husband and I ran alot of errands last week too, so I was not home long enough to snap some pics. But the ones I DID get, are cute! 😉

On Saturday afternoon, my hubby and I decided to swap out the large, old, very chunky entertainment center we had in the bedroom and get a really nice tv stand (we found the perfect one!) Anyways, we had to move things around to move furniture in/out of the bedroom, and with the dog beds – we decided to stack them. Well, that didn’t bother Bear none!


As you can tell, there are THREE dog beds STACKED. Rob coined it “A Super Fluffy Bed”. Bear enjoyed it.



She wasn’t very happy when things went back to normal later that evening. LOL.

Sunday was a relaxing day for me, but for Rob, he was super busy, as he helped my dad unload things into the Tool Room and put together shelves. Jeffrey, of course, helped and supervised.

Later that night, while Rob was relaxing, so was Jeffrey:



He was getting his back massaged in that last photo. Poor little guy worked hard! 🙂

Until next Monday, bark on! 🙂

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