Week 18 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

This week, its all about my girls! Boy were they attention hounds this past week.

First, they got new toys from Grandma (aka my mother). The one who was fascinated with hers the most? Penny. She got a cute little lion.




On Saturday, my BFF came over and it looks like the big girls were wanting to show off! LOL!

We have this ottoman, and Jeffrey LOVES it. Well this time, Ruby Mae decided to hop on (first time ever!). I had to grab my camera for this one.


Love that both her and LADY are in the pic.

Well, when one black lab is getting attention, what about the other one? Yep…..Lady Bear has to get attention too.

She has just started to do this – put her paw on your arm and FORCE you to rub her belly. LOL. She’s 9 yrs old and has never done this. Until now….



They are so cute aren’t they? Enjoy the rest of the week and until next Monday, bark on! 🙂

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