Week 22 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good afternoon! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My doggies sure did as we had two more to our crew from Thursday night into Sunday at noon. My brother and sister in law moved into a new apt and we had their cute doggies – Max & Bella – for a few days. Here is just SOME of the FUN!

Bella giving me kisses the moment they got here:


Bella also LOVES her Uncle Rob:




Max & Bella sharing the recliner:


Bella enjoying the great outdoors:


Max is exhausted!


Max hiding underneath the blanket:


Can you see him?


A little upset that there is no more room on couches/dog beds, Max finds a NEW place for him to chill out:


Soft plush dog toys!



And last but not least, Max chillaxing on top of the recliner!


We sure did have fun puppy-sitting these sweet babies. Until next Monday, bark on!

2 comments on “Week 22 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

  1. LOL Max is so funny! I love how he found himself such a nice comfy spot in the toy bin! How cute is THAT! And sleeping under the doggie bed! LOL so cute! And Bella is such a sweetie! Adorable photos!

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