Week 30 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good afternoon all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I spent the weekend scrapping and staying inside, like my furbabies.

This edition of Adorable Furbabies is all about my big girl Bear!

With the recent loss of Lady Lou, I’ve been kind of down and it takes ALOT to make me smile or laugh. Well, Bear managed to make me LOL by sitting in a small dog bed made for LB.




After a few minutes, guess what she chose to do?


Lie in it! LOL! What a silly girl!

Hope these brought a smile to your face this Monday afternoon like they did for me.

Until next Monday, bark on! πŸ™‚

2 comments on “Week 30 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

  1. LOL Brandy yes these photos put a smile on my face! She is so silly! It’s so cute how she got it to work though!

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