Weeks 45/46 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Wow! What a crazy two weeks it has been! I haven’t been home on the weekends much and me and my hubby just have this long list of errands to run all the time. It seems like we work, we sleep, we are gone again! So I’ll be doubling up on this blog post so you get to have DOUBLE the cuteness!!

First, on November 8th, my little sweet girl Penny Lane celebrated TWO years with us. Boy has time flown by! Here is the very first photo I took of her on November 8, 2012:


And here are her bday picture from 2 weekends ago!


She had a fabulous birthday filled with treats and Frosty Paws! Didn’t get to capture any moments with my camera as with my four and my parents’ two, they move too fast!

Then a few days ago, my parents’ dog Kandie decided to snuggle in between her butterfly and her caterpillar:


And she fell asleep like that too!



And to end the weekend, here is a picture of Little Bit wearing his sweater. The temps have plummeted down to the 30’s! And that is unheard of for November in South Texas!


Until next week, bark on!

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