Adorable Furbabies – March 17th

Good morning and Happy St Patty’s Day!

My pups had a very eventful weekend last weekend, with my brother and SIL bringing over their rugrats – Max and Bella. We watched them for 3 days – Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. This was the first time the babies have been to the new place, so it was cute to watch them explore with my pups showing them the ropes!

Here are some of the highlights:

When my brother called me to say they were on their way, I told my babies that Uncle Lee and Auntie Jennifer were coming over and would bring over Bell and Max. A few minutes before their arrival, I caught Ruby and Penny looking out the big window…waiting.


Just look how small they are in our yard! I just LOVE their ears!

20150312_134623 20150312_140228 20150312_142321

And my dogs aren’t the only ones who LOVE the big window!

20150312_144127 20150313_132409 20150313_175716

You can tell they just loved being outside and hanging out with my dogs. They live in an apt, so the FREEDOM was the BEST!

20150314_084620 20150314_095823 20150314_131618

Being THIS cute wears a pup out!



Until next week, bark on! 🙂

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