My New Scrappy Room!!

I love this house! It has 3 rooms and a study. DH got the study, and we are using one of the bedrooms for us, with a 2nd room as the guest bedroom. 3rd room has TWO closets! And one had an outlet and a light switch! So guess what I did with that room? 🙂 It became my scrappy room!

So here is what the closets looked like when we got the keys:


After hours each week, trips to Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Wal-Mart for storage containers, screws, etc…along with unpacking 2 bins, 15 medium size boxes, 5 small boxes and 2 large totes….this is what I came up with:


Close-ups of the left closet:


Close-Ups of Right Closet:

I even got some wall decor put up too!



So what do ya’ll think? 🙂

8 comments on “My New Scrappy Room!!

  1. This looks awesome! I LOVE the organization and how it’s all tucked away. You did a fantastic job! We’re looking to buy a house and while I haven’t scrapped in quite a while, I want to again and need a place to put all my stuff. I do have two hutches it can all be tucked into, but I likely won’t have a separate room for it like I do in the house we rent currently, so the hutches will probably be in the dining room or something. So I’m definitely gonna have to make sure all my stuff is put away. Your scrap space is so awesome! Definitely looks nice and makes it feel more conducive to being creative – at least for me!

  2. It is awesome Brandy! Love what you did with those two closets and love all the wall decor! It’s amazing how much we accumulate over the years isn’t it? How wonderful for you that you now have such a great workspace. I can’t wait to see all the pages that will be coming out of that room!

  3. A new room with double closets !! How exciting. Your space is looking very organized and ready for you to create. Just popping in from LGS to say thank you for your good wishes. Keep smiling and creating

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