Adorable Furbabies – April 1st

The sun is starting to shine, and we are seeing more 70’s and lower 80’s more often now. And that means the pups are spending more time outdoors!

Ruby loves to play hide and seek!


Miss Penny is a little upset because she can only see/chase “squirrely” in the back yard. Once it goes up front, she has to go inside to see it from the window. So she waits at the gate.


Our tree is protected! By Ruby and Jeffrey!


One day last week, somebody decided to be a silly girl! Guess who it was?

Then on Friday night, hubby was out mowing the yard. Guess which OTHER big girl didn’t want to move from the cool grass?

And before I leave you, my hubby and I finally got around to doing our taxes. Its a long process since I’m self-employed. But we had help! Mr. Jeffrey took some selfies while we crunched numbers!



Ain’t he a cutie pie or what?! 🙂

Until next week, bark on! 🙂


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