Adorable Furbabies – April 15th

Hello all! Remember last week I had mentioned Bear was limping badly? So she had her xrays done last week and they found nothing wrong – no cancer, no nerve damage, nothing broken. Just some arthritis. And that is to be expected on a dog her size. She even had a cold laser therapy done on her. You should see her! She’s got so much energy, she is keeping up with her sister Ruby and even Jeffrey and Penny! She is also on medication for the pain too.

When we went to go pick her up, she was so happy to see us as were we. And when we brought her home, wow! The dogs went nuts!

Each day at the same time (around 3pm-ish), they all get a dog biscuits. A “big girl cookie” is what I call them for Ruby, Bear, and Penny. They are the large size of the Milk-Bones. Jeffrey, though, cannot eat a biscuit that size, so he gets a handful of the mini biscuits or something else. Usually the dogs want their space, but not this time. Just check it out:


Isn’t that precious or what? Melts your heart, that’s for sure!

The next photos are of the pups just enjoying the sunshine:


I spy Penny have a blast in the corner!





Last but not least, we had a little visitor Saturday morning!


Mr LB! My parents had eye exams that day and poor Little Bit, he is lost without his sissy Kandie, who passed away about 5 wks ago. He also doesn’t like storms, especially thunder and lightening. So my parents were afraid to leave him by himself in case of storms. So we offered to watch him for a little while. He had a BLAST with my dogs! And there is talk that we might have him again tomorrow! 🙂

Until next week, bark on!

3 comments on “Adorable Furbabies – April 15th

  1. Brandy I am so glad it is only Arthritis. That is something you can control with meds. Miss Zoe has had it for several years and she is Ok most of the time. I do give her meds on occasion. They sure do love your new yard!!!

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