Adorable Furbabies – April 21st

Another fun fulled week my pups sure did have! And we start off with some outdoor ones:








Last Thursday, my parents had to run some errands and we had some really bad storms come thru, so we got to puppy-sit Little Bit and it turned out to be a puppy slumber party as we kept him until Friday morning. He’s looking much better now compared to previous week. I think being around his doggie friends pulled him out of the funk he was in!


He and Jeffrey got to chill out quite a bit in front of the large office window. That 3rd photo is the BEST!




After a day filled with taking pics of the doggies, my sweet Penny is telling me to stop…with her eyes.


And before I let ya’ll go, I have a “bonus” picture for you.  Last Saturday, we stopped at the liquor store. I’m really picky with my wine, and I love seeing if there is anything NEW. Well, this bottle/brand uses pics of doggies on it! Of course I’m gonna buy it! If you haven’t seen it before, its called “Chateau La Paws” and they feature sheltered dogs across the U.S.A. You can read more about them on their Website.


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