Adorable Furbabies – May 18th

Good afternoon all! My pups are at it again..being cute, of course! Here are some of the highlights of last week:




Bear has been limping again so we scheduled her for another cold laser therapy treatment last Friday. She was such a good girl! It only takes 15 mins and we got to be in the room with her:



After her appointment, it was noon already so we went thru the drive-thru of Schlotzsky’s for lunch. Here is Bear in the back seat, waiting:



Also on Friday, Jeffrey was being a little ham. I think he was getting jealous of me taking pics of my latest layout so I could upload it:




And last but not least,  a sweet moment with all four of them, on our bed. We had ran some errands on Saturday and they must have been tired too!


Until next week, bark on! 🙂

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