Adorable Furbabies – Weeks 24 & 25

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. Doggies have been busy, and work has picked up for me, which makes it harder for me to blog about the doggies. So ya’ll get an extra dose of cute pics! πŸ™‚

First, my hubby and I took in Max and Bella for a week. That is always FUN! πŸ™‚






The following weekend was spent at the vet. Ruby and Bear had their annual exams/shots. Remarkably everything came back negative and all was good.


They did so good, a trip to PetCo was in store!


Then, we were in for a scare the following weekend. 4th of July Weekend. We ended up staying home as I had to put in some hours before Monday came rolling around. By Sunday, July 5th, we thought we were going to lose our sweet Bear. She woke up Sunday morning and couldn’t walk. She lost feeling in her back legs and just couldn’t do anything. Bless her sweet doggie heart. I admit, I cried. Just one year ago tomorrow (July 11th), it will be a full year since we’ve lost Lady Lou. So this whole week we all had been scared. But back to Sunday. You can tell she was just not feeling good:


By Monday, she couldn’t even make it to her dog bed:


Ran to the vet as soon as they opened Monday morning. Had to drop her off as they had several things they wanted to try/rule out. Bloodwork came back negative. Vitals were fine. Xrays showed DJD. Degenerative Joint Disease. Basically osteosarthritis. He gave her a shot and did laser therapy. She was in good spirits:


Tuesday, though, she was still not responding very well. To help move her, my hubby grabbed a computer strap. It fits her perfectly.


We called the vet again and told them the 1st treatment didn’t work. At all. So we dropped her off the next day. They chose to do a glucasomine drip on top of a steroid IV. She responded quite well. She cannot walk by herself, but she is now finally able to use her back legs. I say she is about 50%. She still needs to wear the “sling” and we have to walk her everywhere by grabbing the handle on the strap. Every 2-3 hrs, we take her out and she is able to do what she needs to do. We are watching for her “signs” and so far, we haven’t missed a beat! She still has her appetite and takes her meds/vitamins well. She is alert and even barks at the neighbor doggies.

You can tell she is starting to feel a little better:


She has alot of doggie company. They are worried about her too


She was really perky today so we moved her into my office. She loves to be with everyone else


By lunch she was acting herself:



Day by day, hour by hour, she is improving. Even the smallest improvement is a PLUS in our book. I just hope and pray Bear will be able to walk again, without the sling!


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