Adorable Furbabies – Week 28

This week has been a little up and down, and exhausting. Bear seems to be having more bad days than good. However, she still puts on a smile:


My other 2 girls…lol..Ruby and Penny. On Sunday, Ruby was on the couch, taking up quite a bit of room. Penny likes the couch too, so they were having a staring contest:






This went on for a few minutes. LOL. Then Penny got fed up with her sister:


A couple minutes later, I guess Penny won. Ruby scooted over:


With Bear not being as mobile as she is wanting to be (and as much as we want her to be), I haven’t taken many pics of the others outside. But I captured this one on Sunday.


Also on Sunday, Penny enjoys talking to the next door neighbor doggies:


And she’s off!


Penny also has been a little needy lately. How can I say no to that sweet face!


We took Bear in to get Shot #3 on Tuesday afternoon. She’s been out of it since, poor baby:


Usually it takes her body about 12-24 hrs for the shot to kick in and she’s walking on her own. But this time…its been 48 hrs…and she’s still not walking.


But as long as she has her sister Ruby, and Jeffrey and Penny and us…she’ll be okay


Until next week, bark on!

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