Adorable Furbabies – Week 29/Update on Bear

Sorry I was MIA last week. Bear wasn’t doing good last Friday and into the weekend. But we are here now!

To begin, earlier last week, she was feeling so good, she wanted to eat with Ruby Mae, in the elevated dog dish.


As you can see, my husband is having to hold her up.


She continued to be “happy”


This is her after one night of playtime. Well, the others were playing and giving her toys. It was so sweet.


The next day, she was very alert. Wanting to share a dog bed with sissy:


And her other little sissy


But then Friday morning came and she wasn’t feeling well. “Messes”, looked “life-less”. We took her to the vet and he prescribed her stronger drugs. Then Saturday morning came and we took her back to the vet due to a UTI. Here is her picture from Saturday afternoon.


And now, as I’m writing this out, we are off to the vet again. This time, heavy panting that just won’t stop. Sigh…



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