In Memory of Lady Bear Elizabeth

Eight days ago, on August 29th, my husband and I said goodbye to our sweet Baby Bear. We knew it was time when she lost her front end mobility Friday morning, not wanting to eat Friday afternoon, refusing treats (including bacon!) Friday evening and refusing water later that night too. She was in alot of pain Friday night/Saturday morning and would whine/moan/groan/grunt quite a bit. I had called the vet and we made an appt for 10am for her. Knowing the prognosis wasn’t going to be good, as Tramadol stopped working and she was refusing her favorite things, we stayed by her side until it was time to leave. Even Ruby stayed with her, knowing her sissy wasn’t coming back.


We got there and they were outside waiting for us by the back door, with a gurney. It was happening so fast….her temp spiked to 104.6. Going into kidney failure. Osteoarthritis had spread to ALL of her JOINTS. Our vet had told us 3 wks ago when he put her on Tramadol that once this drug stopped working, last option was morphine. But the quality of life was going to decrease, immensouly. I couldn’t do that to her. We couldn’t do that to her. So we decided to say Good Bye to our baby girl. She is no longer suffering. She is no longer in pain. She can run and play with Lady Lou, Kandie and all her other doggie friends.

This week has been so surreal. It gets better each day, but her memory will last forever. Its hard to watch Ruby Mae, without her sissy. She has been taking it the hardest. She looks like she has been crying sometimes, staring into the front yard, at night, looking thru the large office windows. Not wanting to eat her “big girl cookie”. Not wanting anybody to touch sissy’s toys (pink elephant in particular). Going under rubber tree to “hide”. Not wanting to play in the pool. Its so heart breaking to watch.

I wanted to share with you all some of my absolute FAVORITE photos of my baby Bear. Some have her sister Ruby Mae in them. Hope you enjoy seeing these photos. It hurts to know that I will no longer be taking pictures of her. She was a very very sweet baby. All 93 pounds of her! ❤

3 comments on “In Memory of Lady Bear Elizabeth

  1. Brandy my heart just aches for you and for Ruby Mae. Bear was a sweet, beautiful girl and these pictures are such a wonderful tribute to her. I know it hurts so much and the pain of losing her is so hard to bear. Although you miss her so much, she will always be in your heart. Many, many, many ((hugs)).

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