Adorable Furbabies – Weeks 34/35

Hello all! Been busy with work these past couple of weeks, so I’m combining the last 2 weeks into one post!

With Ruby’s sister Bear gone, her and Penny are really becoming the best of friends. They are starting to share alot more!


And with the nicer temps (nice for South Texas anyways), Mr Jeffrey is enjoying them! Jus tlook at that face! And that handsome smile!


And here he is helping momma with a scrapbook layout:


Everybody knows that around noon on a weekeday, daddy will come home for lunch. Sometimes he’s a little late (12:10 or even 12:30pm). And these two girls will sit and wait for him until he arrives:


With Jeffrey surrounded by bones…I call him the Bone Whisperer!


And last but not least, Miss Penny Lane. Sometimes when its nice outside and I’m inside, she thinks I should be outside too! And she’ll just like this and bark/growl under her breath! LOL


Until next week, bark on!

2 comments on “Adorable Furbabies – Weeks 34/35

  1. These pics are so adorable! I love Jeffrey’s expression in the pic with the bones! And the girls waiting for daddy to come home for lunch is so precious! Love all of this week’s adorableness!

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