Adorable Furbabies – November/December

Good afternoon all! Its been a while since I’ve posted Adorable Furbabies. Been really busy. I had family stay during Thanksgiving, then I had surgery last Wednesday and been recuperating. So I’ve got quite a bit to share with you!

Before Thanksgiving, Mr Jeffrey decided he’d perfer to hang out with DH on the couch and stole my spot!


But how could I be mad at this little guy?


And here are the girls, sharing the larger couch, snoozing away


Keeping up with the same “snoozing” theme, Mr. Jeffrey got himself a brand new bed! His old one is about 10 yrs old and it isn’t falling apart..but quite lumpy.



I think he loves it!


And here he is, being cute, taking the time out to pose for me, with his bone


I had a septoplasty done last Wednesday and recuperated on the couch for about 7 days. And I had company.


I was never left alone! What good doggie nurses I have!


Until next time, Bark on! 🙂

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