Adorable Furbabies – February, Week Two

Good afternoon everyone! Its been beautiful this week, with mild temps in the afternoon and LOTS of sunshine! And the doggies are sure enjoying it as well!

Mr Jeffrey sunning himself on the concrete.


Here he is enjoying the grass

20160210_144857 20160210_144903

And Miss Penny says HELLO too!


And here’s Miss goofy girl (aka Ruby Mae), sitting on the ottoman:

20160205_130438 20160205_130444

Yesterday we took Jeffrey for a ride:


And last night, Miss Penny was waiting for daddy:

20160210_184431 20160210_184443

And here is my goofy girl again, this time rolling around and flashing her belly around (on top of making happy noises!)

20160211_090113 20160211_090116 20160211_090118 20160211_090121 20160211_090124

Until next time, bark on!

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