Adorable Furbabies – February, Week 4

Good afternoon and Happy Friday everyone! My pups have been super cute (as always).

Here’s Ruby and Penny waiting for the trash truck to drive by:

20160222_075522 20160222_075528

My friend Susan surprised me and my babies with a package on Wednesday.


They found toys and treats in there!


Mr Jeffrey just LOVES that hedgehog!

20160225_103256 20160225_103302 20160226_101803

Later that afternoon, I wen to visit my parents and their doggies were wanting their pics taken:

20160224_161240 20160224_161246 20160224_161256 20160224_161323

I can’t believe Ginger, Genie, and Jake (the larger pups) will be one year old in a few weeks!

Yesterday, my hubby was eating lunch when Miss Penny was being very pushy, wanting daddy to give her a bite!


The sun is back out again, warming up the temps. The doggies seem to like it. Alot.

20160226_113212 20160226_113536 20160226_113540

And last but not least, my little guy, posing with his monkey.


Until next time, bark on!

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