Adorable Furbabies – March, Week One, Part One

Good afternoon! I’ve got LOTS of doggie pics to share with you. Figured I’d break it into two parts.

First, I was sick at the very end of February, and my doggies were great nurses!

20160227_163021 20160227_193433 20160227_193444

When they weren’t taking care of me, they were getting attention from daddy, like Miss Penny:

20160227_181543 20160227_181543-ANIMATION 20160227_181549 20160227_181603 20160227_181652

Last week was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining and we hit record highs TWICE! With that said, we broke out pool!

20160301_160647 20160301_160733

The temps were really nice Friday. So nice that we just hung out outside, taking pics:

20160302_094542 20160302_094839 20160302_094907 20160302_094919 20160302_095111 20160302_140251 20160302_144039 20160302_144042 20160302_144049 20160303_113744 20160303_113830 20160303_114256 20160304_113827

By the end of the day, they were back inside, waiting for daddy:

20160304_163956 20160304_164006

And last but not least, Mr Jeffrey James turned 12 years old this past Saturday!

20160305_081246 20160305_082810

I’ll be back in a day or so with more pics from the past weekend and today! But before I leave, Penny wants to know whatcha doing?


Bark on!!

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