Adorable Furbabies – March, Week One, Part Two

Hello and welcome back to the second part of March, Week One – Adorable Furbabies! I took so many pics over the weekend, just had to break it up into parts.

We will start with Ruby Mae’s Birthday Photo. This sweet girl turned 11 yrs old on Sunday


I was trying to get some sweet pics of Ruby in the yard that day, by herself, but her little sissy decided to photo bomb her!

20160306_112922 20160306_112925 20160306_112933

We celebrated Jeffrey’s and Ruby’s birthdays together Sunday evening. They got some toys, lots of treats, a few bones and some doggie fro-yo. What a haul!


We sang Happy Birthday to both of them, but I think Ruby started missing Bear, as she kind of got a little sad and saulked while we gave them fro-yo and opend up presents. She was only interested in treats, no toys or bones.


Penny and Jeffrey, though, sure did enjoy those bones!

20160306_184226 20160306_184254 20160306_184308 20160306_184709 20160306_184813 20160306_184822 20160306_190304

Jeffrey wore himself out that night by passing out with his bone not too far away from him


And last but not least, this is my little dude ALL day long, EVERY DAY since Sunday:

20160307_142621 20160307_142932 20160307_142937

There is NO DOUBT he loves those bones!

Until next time, bark on!

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