Adorable Furbabies – March Week Four

Good morning everyone! My pups have been enjoying the sunshine lately, and they had a wonderful Easter!

Here they are last week, soaking up the sun:

20160325_105037 20160325_105041 20160325_105059

And Ruby Mae, having fun rolling around in the grass, showing off that belly of hers!

20160325_105109 20160325_105112 20160325_105114 20160325_105116 20160325_105118 20160325_105121

We celebrated Easter at my parents’ house on Saturday because my sister in law had to work on Sunday. It worked out as my parents’ 3 puppies – Ginger, Jake, and Genie – turned ONE YEAR OLD 10 days ago. We were supposed to get together then, but the storms were bad, so we held off until Saturday.

Genie thinks she is a lap dog still. LOL.


After our Easter meal/dessert, we let the pups have doggie ice cream/cookies. My hubby and I bought new toys for the bday puppies, and they sure LOVED them!




Jake says HELLO!


Genie and Ginger playing tug of war:

20160326_185336 20160326_185346 20160326_185357

With us staying home and having a quiet Easter Sunday, it allowed me to get into my Scrap Room for some creative therapy. Here was my view from my scrappy table, Miss Penny Lane soaking up the sun:

20160327_142334 20160327_142343

The sun disappeared yesterday morning and Mr Jeffrey was a very sleepy boy, taking a power nap in the Office on Ruby’s bed:


But the sun made quite the appearance yesterday afternoon, and with my hubby working late, I got to do some more scrapping. Mr. Jeffrey parked himself on the spare twin bed. What a ham he is!

20160328_185213 20160328_185218 20160328_190231

Until next time, bark on! šŸ™‚

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