Adorable Furbabies – April, Week 2

Hello and good afternoon! My pups have been showing off how cute they are!

First, Mr Jeffrey chewing on a bone.

While Jeffrey chewed on a bone, his sisters decided to eat dirt. Yes, you read right. EAT DIRT.

A once-in-a-lifetime shot of all three of them!


On Saturday, we had some loud thunder roll in. No rain, no storms. But just some thunder. Enough for Miss Penny to get really upset. We are doing an experiment with headphones. The bluetooth kind, wireless.

At first she was uncertain, but then she started to calm down.


And eventually, she fell asleep. She enjoys listening to Chris LeDoux. 🙂 For a pup, she’s got really great taste in music.

After a few minutes, and the sun came out, we took them off of her. She stayed asleep.


On Sunday, she was playing hide-go-seek. Can you see her?


While she was being silly, Jeffrey and Ruby were all smiles!

After a day of playing, Penny is now dog-tired!


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

One comment on “Adorable Furbabies – April, Week 2

  1. Gorgeous pictures!!!!
    I heard some dogs are afraid of thunder, Poor girl …:-( I am glad it worked!!!
    I am very lucky my 2 dogs are not afraid, they don’t even notice it.
    I love their smile lol lol

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