Adorable Furbabies, Week 1, June

Good afternoon everyone! We’ve been very busy the past couple of weeks and over the Memorial Day weekend, Ruby Mae gave us quite the scare. I’ll come back to that.

With all the rains here in Texas, Jeffrey doesn’t want to see his Hedgehog get wet, so he brings it to bed.


We had sunny (and hot) temps Saturday, and Jeffrey was right out with my hubby. He loves power tools!

20160528_113137 20160528_113147 20160528_113327

Back to Ruby Mae. Ruby Mae woke up Sunday morning, struggling to walk. Her left back knee was swollen, with her not wanting to put pressure on her right side. She didn’t want to eat breakfast at her elevated dish, which I let her eat on a bed here in the office.  I gave her a Gabapentine to help with any pain she might be in, as well as help her sleep. She was eh all day Sunday. Monday was a bit better. That initial sit down and lie down; and the initial stand up and get going is what is rough on her. She still wants to play with Penn and Jeffrey. She is all about food/treats. She still wants to go outside. Her back legs sometimes cross at the wrong times (like when she is walking). However, she doesn’t fall, or trip. And she’s able to potty too.

So I called the vet Tuesday morning and we were able to get her in at 10:30.


He did xrays and it shows severe arthritis in the back hip/legs area. He had no other surgeries that day so we were able to get her in for the removal of the “lump” by 1pm.  She did great. That “lump” was just a fatty tissue. He’s sent her home with antibiotics for the wound; and anti-inflammatory for the swelling.



We had a pretty rough night that first night. The thunder/rain just didn’t stop. It was a rolling thunder and hail too. So it woke Ruby up. And of course Miss Penny. Didn’t get to bed until almost midnight. Up at 4:30am to find Ruby nudging us. Took her outside.  Luckily her bed was dry. Came in, back to bed. 5:30am rolled around and my hubby says “aaah..something is wet!”. Got up and saw that Ruby made it up on the bed from the ottoman! WTH!! You just had surgery dog! How did you do that?!?! As thankful as I am that she can MOVE….being up on OUR bed right after surgery is a no, no. So we moved the ottoman away from the bed..just until she’s better and can control her bladder more. I’m laughing about it now..just not at 5:30am. LOL.


What’s amazing is that she is already eating standing up at her elevated dish. She hasn’t done that since last Saturday!

20160601_070350 20160601_070404

Already wanting belly rubs:


Waiting for daddy to come home from work:


She did do something she isn’t supposed to. Get on the couch. We were all in the kitchen and it took less than a minute.


She kept her bed dry last night and slept 7.5 hrs. She’s able to go outside with the others, walk around a bit. She does tire easily….so she takes more breaks and stops frequently. But she’s doing great!

20160602_115616 20160602_115619 20160602_115627

Until next time, bark on!


One comment on “Adorable Furbabies, Week 1, June

  1. Oh Brandy I am so glad that Ruby Mae is doing so much better! Sweet, wonderful, adorable pics, as always!

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