Adorable Furbabies, Week 3 June

Good morning everyone! I had my photos uploaded, ready to go, for Adorable Furbabies yesterday but hubby got home early and we visited a friend and ran some errands! So who’s ready to see some adorable pups while drinking your morning coffee?? 🙂

Penny and Jeffrey sharing a dog bed. They NEVER do that. I repeat. NEVER do that.

20160610_180107 20160610_181920

Tuesday morning Ruby had her checkup. She did great! Got her staples pulled, annual shots done on top of tests and her glucosomine steroid shot. She was quite happy too!


We did have a minor set back though. All those shots made her tummy yukky. 😦 So we went all day Wednesday w/o her eating, finally eating chicken/rice mixture a few times a day on Thursday (a cup at a time). Will someone rub her belly??


By Friday she was feeling even better! She ate about 1/2 of her usual amount at breakfast, with the rest of it around 3pm. I was so proud of her!


Before I go, its been soooo hot here, that my little guy doesn’t stay outside as long as he used to. So he’s inside with the girls:


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

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