Adorable Furbabies, June Week 4

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Can’t believe June will be ending in just a few short days. Time sure does fly! So who’s ready to see some cute pics? πŸ™‚

I don’t get too many pics of Penny looking at the camera when we’re outside because she’s busy playing, looking for Squirrely, etc, but last week, I did! Look at that happy girl!


Later that day, Penny was being sweet with Ruby. Ruby wanted to play!

20160622_142753 20160622_142802 20160622_142813

Speaking of Ruby, she says HELLO!


And what kind of week would it be w/o cute pics of Mr Jeffrey?

20160624_082507-EFFECTS 20160624_082545

Saturday, we had friends over for movie day. Earlier that day, Jeffrey went with us to the grocery store. I stayed in the truck with him and we had a mini photo shoot:

20160625_125329 20160625_125620 20160625_130108

After everyone got settled in, Mr Jeffrey got cozy with mommy!


In between movies, we took mini breaks, got some snacks, chit chatted. After dinner (hot dogs!), Ruby Mae stole the show!

20160625_211048 20160625_211058

Rub my belly!


Before we were about to start Movie #3 (Puerto Ricans in Paris), Jeffrey stole Harley’s chair! But Harley didn’t mind!

20160625_211519 20160625_211526

Until next time, bark on! πŸ™‚

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