Adorable Furbabies, July Week One, Part Two

Hello everyone! I’m back with another furbaby post! Its been hot, Hot, HOT, here in South Texas and what a better way to cool off than  pool! The pups love it!






And when they aren’t in the pool, they roll around in the grass!



Lastly, Mr Jeffrey and his collection of bones. My husband calls this photo “the boneyard”



Until next week, bark on!

2 comments on “Adorable Furbabies, July Week One, Part Two

  1. Yay! Pup pictures! I thought of you and we got Peanut a pool. He stays outside just while we’re at work until 3:00, and he loves to play in it! He puts his whole head down and shakes his head underneath and blows bubbles 🙂 I LOVE the boneyard! That’s so cute!! Love!

  2. I love all these adorable photos Brandy! The pups look like they have such a good time outside in their pool and in the yard, and Jeffery with his bones is so cute!

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