Adorable Furbabies – July, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone! I can’t believe July is almost over with! Crazy how time flies by. So who’s ready for some super-duper cuteness?!?!

My hubby and I have been binge-watching NCIS on NetFlix. We started about 2 months ago and now we just wrapped up Season 10! While we watch TV, the pups enjoy snoozing on their dog beds. Usually they do it separately, but every once in a while…you’ll find them sharing.


We woke up early one day last week and they were all soaking up the early morning sun:

20160724_083655   20160724_084121

And when its TOO HOT outside, they are inside:


This next picture kind of reminds me of #AdultingIsHard. LOL. Its almost like Penny said to herself “Nope, not today!”. LOL


And speaking of Miss Penny, she’s gonna turn into a Chunky Monkey soon! She’s the only one who LOVES (human) ice cream!

20160726_201540   20160726_201553

20160726_201608   20160726_201614


And last but not least, will you rub Ruby’s belly?!?!?


Until next time, bark on!

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