Adorable Furbabies – August, Week Two

Hello everyone! Hope you all are staying inside where its nice and cool because it to hot, Hot, HOT to be outside! Even the majority of my doggies pics this past week were taken from inside!

To start, Miss Ruby is all smiles!


Miss Penny Lane is enjoying licking the ice cream carton after daddy finishes it.

20160804_212451 20160804_212505 20160804_212518

This past weekend we kept it pretty low-key with Ruby Mae not feeling good. She was having problems walking and was limping quite a bit. You can tell she didn’t feel good. And Mr. Jeffrey was super sweet with her:


Later on on Sunday, though, Ruby started to feel a bit better.


And by Monday, she was acting goofy!


Tuesday night was the SWEETEST! I captured all 3 of them sleeping on their beds WITH Mr. Hedgehog in the middle!


And last but not least, Miss Ruby Mae again. This was taken last night, as the sun was going down.


Until nxt time, bark on! 🙂

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