Adorable Furbabies – August, Week Four

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. We are and we love having an extra day off to relax. And the pups are enjoying themselves too!

Last weekend, Miss Ruby Mae was being silly and I caught her hanging out under the rubber tree. She even had leaves on her nose. LOL.


While Ruby was being cute, I caught Penny looking up at Squirrely. She didn’t even notice I was taking her picture!

20160828_171600   20160828_171625   20160828_171707

On Tuesday, we got lots of rain in the morning (about 1.5″). Jeffrey watched it from the office while the girls got cozy in the living room.

20160830_081635 20160830_111315

By Wednesday, the rain was gone and the sun was out. The girls took advantage of that!

20160831_115349   20160831_115350

Later that afternoon, while Penny was taking a nap, Miss Ruby Mae was awake and ready to play. She was actually barking at sissy!

20160831_144540   20160831_144543   20160831_144548

Caught Ruby rolling around and being silly:

20160831_145304   20160831_145307

Mr Jeffrey heard what was going on and came in to see what’s up!

20160831_145313   20160831_145319   20160831_145321

Now Ruby is really being silly!

20160831_145341   20160831_145346

20160831_145349   20160831_145351

My husband was working a little late on Wednesday, so the little ones wanted to look out and wait.


On Friday, Ruby had a laser therapy appt


And here she is when we came home:


such a Happy girl!

Until next time, bark on!

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