Adorable Furbabies – September, Week One

Good morning everyone! Miss Ruby Mae and Mr. Jeffrey are the stars this week, with Ruby having really really GREAT days!

With cold laser therapy, steroid shots and medication, she’s able to sit up much longer.


Here she is being silly. She actually was playing and then later took a nap like this. LOL


Mr. Jeffrey not wanting his picture taking, but still kind of looking at us.

20160905_193323   20160905_193332

Ruby wanting her belly rubbed

20160906_192834  20160906_192838

I tried getting BOTH of them to look at me, but nope. It was either or. LOL

20160909_092107   20160909_092115   20160909_092124

20160909_092138   20160909_092149

I did manage to get a decent pic of Miss Penny Lane though!


Until next time, bark on!

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