Adorable Furbabies, Week Two

Good afternoon everyone! My doggies have been super cute this past week – posing for the camera, playing with each other, getting love from us. Makes for really super cute pics!

To start, last Sunday Penny and Jeffrey were playing my scrap room and Ruby Mae watched the whole thing!

20160910_153023   20160910_153029

20160910_153034   20160910_153040

Later that day, the girls enjoyed hanging out outside, soaking up the sun

20160911_155816   20160911_155831

On Monday morning, I managed to get this sweet photo of Ruby and Jeffrey together by the large tree


On Wednesday, Ruby Mae wanted belly rubs by the rubber tree


On Friday, Miss Penny looked like she was having a “ruff” day


Mr Jeffrey came up to me mid-day Friday, telling me that I should take a break from work and just take pics of him and sissy:



And Jeffrey kept up his “lovey doveyness” with hanging out with my hubby while we watched TV Friday night.

20160916_195811  20160916_195822


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

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