Adorable Furbabies, September – Weeks 3/4

Good morning everyone! September went by fast, didn’t it? Wow! Can’t believe Saturday is October 1st already!

To begin, I found Penny in the least comfortable position (IMO).


Last Tuesday, Ruby went to the vet to get her steroid shot. As you can tell, she was READY to go!!


Some days, when work is getting TOO crazy, I just stop what I’m doing and just hang out with the puppies. They are the BEST co-workers!

20160921_155707   20160921_155715

And Mr. Jeffrey takes the BEST Selfies!

20160921_155935   20160921_155938

20160921_155947   20160921_155952

My husband and I went to the store Friday night, and came to this:


LOL! They put their toys all in a ROW!!!

We were up (kind of early) on Sunday morning and Mr. Jeffrey wanted some lovin’ from daddy. ❤

20160924_083157   20160924_083203

After a busy day, the babies were napping together. Jeffrey grabbed the bed first, followed by Ruby. They don’t care.


We sometimes have a oppossum that hangs out in our yard (and the surrounding houses) late at night. And Miss Penny Lane KNOWS it, too!


And if its not oppossums at night, then its Squirrelys during the day!


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

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