Adorable Furbabies – October, Week 2

Hello everyone! Is it Friday yet? Been a real busy week with appointments and work and just having a new furbaby. This post is EXTRA adorable! 🙂

With having a new furbaby, comes lots of pictures OF THAT new furbaby. LOL Last week, Jackson was still getting used to us, the house, the doggies. If he wasn’t eating or playing, he was usually napping, on or around me:


Or next to my husband:



He also just loves to chill with us too:

20161009_151844 20161011_220332 20161011_220337



During the day, he is either sleeping behind my monitor or in front of it.



Last weekend, we went to PetCo and got him a new toy. Its a pet link dream curl curvy scratcher. He loves it!

He had his first appt 2 days ago. He did great! He weighs 3 lbs and is roughly 3 months old. He got his shots and will be back next month for boosters!


The best thing was he LOVES to watch youTube videos. Particulary scrappy videos. ❤

20161010_153435   20161010_153439   20161010_153447

And lets not forget about my other babies. Its been really hot/humid so we don’t do much outside. And with Jackson, they are more curious about him and what he’s doing too. But here are a few of my faves.

Miss Penny napping


Mr Jeffrey getting extra special attention from mommy while the baby kitty is sleeping

20161007_220000   20161007_220433

And last but not least, Miss Ruby Mae. She’s continuing to feel really good!

20161010_155650   20161010_155728

Until next time, bark on! 🙂

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