Adorable Furbabies – October, Week 3

Hey everyone and good morning! I’ve been super busy and haven’t been able to upload and share with you all the cute doggie and kitty pics I’ve been taking. Between work, Jackson and Ruby, my world is busy!

To start us off, check out this awesome pic of Jeffrey surrounding by all of his toys! That’s a circle of fun right there! ❤


And Mr Jackson continues to enjoy HIS toy/scratcher!

20161015_122842   20161015_122849

One Sunday morning, I turned to see these adorable beauties!

20161016_093151   20161016_093153

Hubby was outside grilling later that day and the pups were just chilling:


20161016_174310   20161016_174314   20161016_175245

Another double shot of adorableness is Penny and Jackson. Penny is just fascinated with Jackson and his curiousness.

20161017_084017   20161017_084025   20161017_084125

And when she isn’t busy with Jackson, she’s being sweet for me and the camera (I see Ruby is photo-bombing her!)


Speaking of Ruby, poor baby. We are going thru a rough patch and unfortunetly, it isn’t going to end well. On Monday, Oct 17th, Ruby wasn’t acting herself.  Ruby had been restless, moaning/groaning/whimpering/whining. She ate her breakfast like usual at 7 and then by 9….downhill. She wanted to “hide”. In the bathroom. In the den. Under the rubber tree. It kept getting worse as the morning went on, and I called the vet and got her in at 3:30pm. Thank god I did. They immediately took her in the back room where they did xrays. She cried so loudly, I was near tears. Broke everyone’s heart. Xrays shows a broken leg. She broke her leg! BROKE! We don’t have stairs. We don’t have obstacles blocking door ways. She was fine when she woke up the day before. Xrays were sent to aspecialist to take a better look. Especially with the “no trauma”. We got the results the following day. Bone Cancer. It’s a clean break but there are cancer cells surrounding the break. We could go up to San Antonio for her to get a biopsy done and have treatment (chemo) but at her age (few months shy of 12 yrs old), would she survive the treatment? They can’t surgically fix the leg because due to the cancer, the break would never heal. It is so heart-breaking.  Her demeanor is good. Resting. Drinks plenty of water. But we have an issue with food sometimes. Its either nothing or chicken/rice or canned dog food. You just have to put a spoon full of food in front of her to see if she’s interested. She is taking her meds well.  She wags her tail. Barks at my husband when he comes home.

20161019_105041   20161019_105045

She seems to be in better spirits than I am and just look at her! Belly rubs anyone?!?! 🙂

We were being silly together. ❤


Jackson wanted to take a selfie too! 🙂


And speaking of Jackson, he’s being really sweet with Ruby. Just look at him…watching her sleep. I think he knows that she’s sick.


Here she is enjoying the sunshine. Last Thursday was a very warm day.

20161020_111631   20161020_111636

On Friday, Jackson was being a little ham. Look how little he is on our big bed!


Him and Penny again. She was watching him play. CUTE!


Jackson also loves belly rubs. Is he a cat or a dog? LOL

20161021_202755   20161021_202917

A front blew in late last week and finally dropped our Saturday morning temps down to the lower 50’s! BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤ All the doggies got to enjoy it!

20161022_142322   20161022_142651   20161022_142919

And speaking of doggies enjoying the weather, I believe Ruby Mae enjoyed it the most:

20161022_142924   20161022_143037   20161022_143040

You know how I asked if Jackson is a dog or cat? LOL. He loves hanging out with the pups so much, he takes up a dog bed too!


Here’s the li’l man enjoying his wavy scratcher. 🙂

20161023_213741 20161023_213925

And last but not least, here he is with Penny again. He was taking up the entire dog bed all by himself, cleaning. Penny wanted to play!



20161024_143323   20161024_143336

Until next time, bark on! 🙂


2 comments on “Adorable Furbabies – October, Week 3

  1. Brandy that was such a HUGE dose of pure adorableness! It looks like little Jackson has really stolen everyone’s heart. I get such a kick out of Penny just watching him. On a side note you know how deeply saddened I am by Ruby’s diagnosis. She is such a trooper, she looks so happy in all those adorable pics!

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