Adorable Furbabies – end of Ocotber

Good morning everyone! Is it Friday yet? LOL! It will be tomorrow. Until then, check out the adorable pics I took of my “crew” this past week.

Jackson loves to hang out with us while we watch TV at night. He’s either sleeping, chilling or playing. LOL






Jeffrey went with us last week to get lunch. He was helping hubby place our order. 🙂

20161027_121411   20161027_121523   20161027_121538

Last Friday was the FIRST day Ruby wanted dry dog food since her diagnosis. I was so proud of her. She only ate a cup, but still, better than nothing. And if you look closer, you’ll see li’l Jackson on the corner of the bed with her.

20161027_143843 20161027_143846

The weather was quite warm last weekend and Penny LOVES the sun. I captured her having FUN, rolling around.

When the pups aren’t outside, they are inside, on their dog beds. And Jackson likes to “hang out” with them too!


He also likes to snuggle with me at bedtime.


Speaking of the “sunshine”, Ruby likes to the sunshine too!


Usually when I’m in the bedroom during the day (dusting, laundry, etc), I’ve got at least 2 doggies with me. LOL. Add a kitty too. 🙂

20161029_104252   20161029_104255

Jackson has gotten so used to our cameras on the phone, he naturally poses for a picture too. ❤


Jeffrey loves to pose outside:


And Ruby was feeling much better to where she was able to sit up for a longer period of time:

20161030_125935   20161030_125939

Not only does Jackson like to hang out in between the dog beds, he loves to sleep on the dog beds too!

20161030_193517   20161030_212749

Penny and Jackson continue to play together. She’s actually very very sweet with him. ❤ 🙂

20161031_135042   20161031_135101   20161031_135103

And last but not least, Mr Jeffrey took some selfies with mommy. 🙂

20161031_135931   20161031_135935

20161031_140125   20161031_140203

Until next time, bark and meow on! 😉

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