Adorable Furbabies – end of November 2016

Good morning everyone! This month has just flown by hasn’t it? I can’t believe it’ll be December tomorrow!

Who’s ready to get their dose of adorableness?

Its been unseasonably warm this November and Miss Penny is as happy as can be out in the sun.


Mr. Jackson still loves the camera and loves to hang out with me.

20161116_110633   20161116_110636



I think Jackson knows that Ruby is sick. Its like he can sense it…despite being only 4 months old. He’s always napping with her.

20161116_142506   20161116_142844

20161121_164005   20161121_164238   20161121_164320

20161122_112016   20161122_112023


Jackson also loves hogging the big dog bed all by himself

20161116_161620   20161116_161655

Jackson enjoys playing with Penny, and vice versa

20161117_141101   20161117_141110   20161117_141112

20161117_141114   20161117_141117

Jackson also thinks he can fit in the cup holders. LOL

20161119_183917   20161119_183929

After all the silliness, the li’l guy is passed out!


I take so many pics of Jackson, Penny is looking at me like “I’m a pretty girl, aren’t I?”


And…we’re back on Jackson. LOL


My 3 babies were all tuckered out last weekend in my scrap room


Hey…this is MY box now. 🙂


And last but not least…Jackson likes to hang out by the water dish. LOL

20161123_080222   20161123_080228

Until next time, bark and meow on. 😉

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