In Memory of Ruby Mae

2 days ago, on December 6th, my husband and I said goodbye to our sweet girl, Ruby Mae. As most of ya’ll know, she had been diagnosed with bone cancer and that caused her to break her right leg at the hip. Bone cancer is aggressive, and eventually, it attacked her lungs. She had been struggling to eat off/on for a couple of weeks. By Sunday, she refused chicken/rice, treats, cheese. She didn’t want much water either. She could barely lift her head up and her back legs went out Friday morning. She kept getting worse as the night went on and by Monday morning, I knew she didn’t have much time. She had also been coughing, sounding like congestion. I called the vet, and got her in at 2pm Monday, December 5th. My husband was going to go with me as she wasn’t strong enough to make it to the car by herself and I was expecting the worse.

Due to her not eating and being so weak, the vet thought the cancer had spread. He took chest xrays to see if there was anything there, since she wasn’t running a fever. A fever could have meant infection…and he could have given her antibiotics. But that was not the case…..he was right. Cancerous cells were attacking her lungs. 90% of her lungs had tumors. What made this whole situation worse is that she was aware of her surroundings and even wagged her tail for us and the vet. After much thought and consideration, especially since she was suffering, she was scheduled for euthanasia at 2pm Tuesday, December 6th. We got to bring her home and just be with her. It allowed Penny and Jeffrey to spend one more night by her side before we had to say goodbye.

She managed to sleep all night Monday night and was more comfortable THAT night than she had been all weekend.

She went very peacefully. I never got her to eat anything, until about 20 mins before we had to leave. She ate a few bites of ice cream. She lifted her head when my BFF showed up and then barked at my husband, before laying down, like she was ready. The other babies got a chance to say goodbye – Penny giving her kisses; Jeffrey licking her ear. It was so sweet.

We had her cremated, and chose the same urn that we have Bear in. Its a beautiful hand-carved, rosewood box with a metal plaque. She was ready the following day. We also received a clipping of her fur and a packet of purple wildflower seeds. We will be planting them in the Spring in an area that both Ruby Mae and Lady Bear used to lie in the yard.

The babies are adjusting, and I think they will be okay. I believe they knew that she was sick, and by this past weekend, very very sick. It’s weird taking only 2 dogs outside at night and first thing in the morning. Its weird seeing just TWO dog beds in the bedroom. Breakfast wasn’t an issue, since she hasn’t eaten with them in a month, and hasn’t wanted food the past few days. Even li’l Jackson is being a sweetheart. I’m not sure how much HE knows….seeing that he’s only 5 months and he’s only been with us 2 months…but he sure is helping us. Its cooler out now, so he’s wanting to snuggle more. He’s so soft and warm…and his purring has a calming effect on me.

I take comfort in that she is no longer suffering, no longer in pain. Cancer sure does suck…and it still breaks my heart knowing that’s what took Ruby’s life. But she did live a FULL life and had a GREAT life….and I know she knows she was well loved. As we were saying our final goodbyes… husband told her to tell sissy that we miss her. I know that they’ve found each other again, and they are eating their “big girl cookies” together at 4pm everyday, and playing and running and are full of life again.

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite pictures of Miss Ruby Mae. I didn’t realize how inseparable her and Lady Bear really were until I started digging for pictures. Wow…they were hardly ever apart! And now..they are together again! My sweet girls are playing together like they always used to! ❤

11 comments on “In Memory of Ruby Mae

  1. Brandy those are such precious memories of sweet Ruby. Many many hugs.
    She has sissy back at her side now and is playing with lady Lou, Merlin, mazee, cider and bookie.

  2. Brandy your tribute to sweet Ruby Mae is so beautiful! It is so hard to lose them, and your heart aches seeing them so sick. Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things ever. Many hugs to you.

  3. I’m so very sorry, Brandy, but what a wonderful life you gave to both the girls – and all you still have with you! They are lucky puppies, and also a lucky lucky little kitty! It’s so hard to say “see you later” but at the same time, while my heart aches even reading this, we also know that they will be waiting. And no pain is not worth the wonderful happy times we have with them, and the memories we have forever. Until we see you again Ruby Mae!! Tell Bear to play nice!!

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