Adorable Furbabies, December Week 2

Good afternoon all. Its been only 8 days since Ruby Mae passed away, and it still feels so surreal. When my husband comes home from work, he expects her to “bark” at him until I tell her “Its just daddy, Ruby”. Jeffrey and Penny get excited when Rob comes home, but they don’t bark at him. Its still very weird taking 2 dogs outside and seeing only 2 dog beds in the bedroom. Its definetly alot quiet here, that’s for sure.

So lets get started!


Jackson continues to explore the house and find new spots to hang out in, like this laundry basket. LOL.


When its cold out, he loves to snuggle with blankets.


What is wrong with this picture? LOL. The dog on the small bed; the little kitty on the biggest dog bed.


Now this…NEVER.HAPPENS. Ruby used to share with either Jeffrey or Penny. But with her gone…I guess they know that they have each other.


Jeffrey continues to chew on his bones, and not look at the camera. LOL


Peek-a-boo! Hi there!

20161211_134222   20161211_134848

We put our Christmas Tree up over the weekend and I had one awesome helper with the ornaments!


We also had a curious li’l guy too!


But isn’t he cute…when he’s sleeping?? LOL


Again..a little kitty on a big doggie bed. Right in the middle too!

20161213_152205   20161213_152207   20161213_152210

He also loves playing outside. He finds just about anything to play with. LOL.

20161213_152443   20161213_152512

While the kitty plays, the puppies chill out, enjoying the warmer temps.

20161213_161259   20161213_161306   20161213_161320

And….we now have a climber!


But…look…how adorable he is when he’s sleeping. LOL

20161215_101152   20161215_101201

Last but not least….he saw the neighbor’s kitty walk across our front yard. Just look how puffy his tail got. He actually felt threatened.

Until next time, bark and meow on. 🙂

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