Adorable Furbabie – December, Week 3

Hello everyone! I’m sure you all are busy with Christmas shopping, wrapping, etc. I’m done with the shopping, but haven’t started wrapping. At least I’ve got most of the weekend to do that. 😉

To get started, check out li’l Jackson. He’s getting sooo big! He loves taking over the couch!


I wasn’t feeling well this past Sunday, so I had Jackson keeping tabs on me.

20161218_174319   20161218_174325

And Jeffrey too!

20161218_204543   20161218_204551

On Monday, we woke up to a package from the Missouri Santa Paws!

20161219_074833   20161219_075022

20161219_075741   20161219_075747  



Li’l Jackson is completely new to all of these presents! He posed for me so I was able to send a “thank you from Jackson” to the Missouri Santa Paws.


Jackson loved his new toy so much, he played with it until he fell asleep!

20161219_145502   20161219_145844   20161219_150103


I was still feeling bad on Monday, so I had my Mr. snuggle buddy all afternoon! ❤


Speaking of fave toys, Jeffry sure did enjoy the Fox!

20161219_170241   20161219_170254

He even took Mr. Fox to bed with him that night. 🙂


The next day, another package showed up! 8am! And this one was from the New York Santa Paws!! More treats and toys! Yay!

20161220_081943   20161220_082002

20161220_082020   20161220_082711


20161220_140434   20161220_140440

On Wednesday, I got to take a selfie with Mr. Jeffrey! ❤


Miss Penny was an attention hound yesterday. She got lots of love and treats yesterday!

20161221_132704   20161221_151530

After treats, she and Jackson were being sweet. At first she wasn’t thrilled that she had to share her dog bed withe baby kitty, but she okay with it later.

20161221_145859   20161221_150035

20161221_150040   20161221_150149

20161221_151437   20161221_151440

Later that evening, Jackson managed to get both of his brand new toys onto the couch and he was playing with both!


And last but not least, after all the fun Santa Paws packages, new toys and treats AND photo ops, I had one very tired little girl!


Until next time, my furbabies and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Happy Howlidays!


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