Adorable Furbabies – end of December 2016

Hello everyone! Hope everybody had a wonderful time with their family last weekend. Does anyone have plans for New Year’s? We’re actually getting together with my family this Sunday to exchange gifts. So we’ll be finishing the wrapping and getting some of the food before that!

On to the adorable babies….let’s start with li’l Jackson. He received a cute Kong toy from the New York Santa Paws a few days before Christmas and he LOVES it!


He also has been getting brave and sharing the couch with Jeffrey


But when he wants to nap or have some alone time, he tucks himself away in his little cubbie

20161223_171009   20161223_171237

It was so hot on Christmas Eve, he didn’t want to snuggle


How cute is this? Li’l Jackson and Penny on our bed!


Now onto Christmas Day!

On Tuesday, I was greeted by the little guy while I brushed my teeth


As a gift, a friend of mine sent me an ornament about losing a pet. I put a picture of Ruby in there


And last but not least, the Li’l guy and I taking a selfie


Until we see you again, bark and meow on! We hope to see you Next Year!


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