Adorable Furbabies – January Week Two

Good afternoon everyone! I’m back again with NEW adorable furbaby pics! So let’s get started!

When we dipped down into the 20’s this past weekend, you could find li’l Jackson under the blankets. He even popped his head out to say HI!


With just 2 pups, its easier to get ALL of my DOGS into one shot, and with that said, here’s Jeffrey and Penny (P.S. They were begging!)


Hubby hasn’t came home at lunch time since the beginning of the year, so the babies wait for him even more than ever at night:


Penny loves her bones!


We started thawing out on Sunday and by Monday, our highs were in the 70’s! The pups sure did love that!

20170110_110117 20170110_110119 20170110_110121

20170111_102351 20170111_102355 20170111_102358


Until next time, bark AND meow on! 😉

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