Adorable Furbabies – January Week Three

Hello everyone! Crazy how January is already half over! Time sure does fly by and it flies by quicker when I’m taking pics of the furbabies! 🙂

It was very windy last week and you can see Jackson out in the grass and it almost looks like he’s holding on to it! LOL

20170112_154018 20170112_154020

On Friday, I caught him hanging out on a fence post. LOL! He’s the cutest! ❤ ❤

20170113_093459 20170113_093502 20170113_093505 20170113_093512

Jeffrey looks tuff!


I even got a couple of pics with all three! Granted…no one is looking at me or the camera…but hey! Its still cute! 😉

20170113_130147 20170113_130151

Speaking of CUTE, li’l Jackson KNOWS he’s CUTE!


I also got all 3 in one picture from Sunday. Sleeping in my scrap room


And last but not least….Jackson sitting on top of my unfinished layout. He’s wondering why its not about him. LOL

20170117_182157 20170117_182239

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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