Adorable Furbabies, April 2017, Week 3

Good afternoon everyone! Who wants to know what my furbabies have been up to this past week?!!

Mr. Jeffrey got a brand new bed for Easter! He likes to have a small bed by the window, and usually Jackson takes over it, but not this one! Doesn’t he look comfortable?


While Jeffrey was enjoying his new bed, Miss Penny spotted Squirrely!

Jackson says HELLO!

On Easter Sunday, we had my brother and sister in law and my mother over. They brought their doggies. It was hard to get pics of EVERYONE, but Miss Bella didn’t mind it one bit!


Last Thursday, Mr. Jeffrey had his wellness exam/shots. He did great! He’s very healthy for 13 yrs old! We went to PetCo afterwards!


It was a beautiful day Friday, and my two-pup crew was just chilling!

On Sunday night, Jackson was giving me his full attention.

And before I go, my very sleepy doggies. Hubby and I were watching a movie and I just couldn’t resist snapping their pic!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

One comment on “Adorable Furbabies, April 2017, Week 3

  1. ADORABLE as usual Brandy!!! I love all the pics of your sweet babies! And so glad Mr. Jeffrey had a great checkup!!

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