Adorable Furbabies – May 29th thru June 7th

Good morning everyone! Usually I don’t post on Saturday mornings, but with the puppies, I’m up early now. Today they actually let me sleep in  — 6am sleep in. That’s better than the 4:30-5am wake up calls the whole week.

So lets see those adorable babies!

When they see me pull out my phone, they already know to pose! Isn’t that the cutest?!!

They love to chew together.

Learning how to watch out for people – mail man, trash man, deliveries, etc.

Talk about mirror images!

Just look at those faces!

Jeffrey was sleeping and Shelby managed to slowly move over to his bed. He woke up with the look on his face like “What just happened?!”

It rained quite a bit in early June, so they were inside quite a bit. So sweet sharing that little bed.

They will also nap with big sissy.

Watchdoggin’ like pros!

Shelby looking at a bug. If you zoom in, you’ll see it alot better. I love how much curiosity these babies have. Everyday is an adventure!

I finally got a decent pic of Mr. Jeffrey!

Can you say carbon copies?!

Jasmine loves her daddy!  Finally got some sweet moments! ❤ ❤ ❤

While vacumming the office, I had to drag all the beds to the tiled area and Shelby is like, “I’m just gonna sit here and wait.”

We love sticks!

And we love dirt too!

they clean up nicely don’t they?

Shelby is the QUEEN of the POOL!

And Jasmine loves her Jackson! ❤

Until next time, bark and meow on!


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